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Essential Elements of Organic Certification Standards


  • Organic food tastes great!
  • Organic food meets strict standards
  • Organic food reduces health risks
  • Organic food helps protect children’s health
  • Organic farming replenishes soil
  • Organic farms conserve water resources
  • Organic farmers respect wildlife
  • Organic producers preserve biodiversity
  • Organic agriculture protects farm workers
  • Organic farming keeps rural communities healthy



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Farms Organics

Company: Alva Farm
Name: Alain Rousselle & Eva Rehak
Address: 1009 chemin Saint-Maurice, Saint-Maurice, NB E4S 5E6
Phone: 506 743-5212
Affiliation: EcoCert
Description: We are now accepting membership applications for Bouctouche, Shediac and Moncton for 2011! For more information regarding our veggie baskets visit the CSA section of our website or contact us @ (506) 743-5212.

Company: Ann Lab Sucrerie Ltée
Address: 118 Ch Mgr-Martin O, Saint Quentin, NB  E8A 2E3
Affiliation: EcoCert
Description: Certified Organic Maple Producer for 2013.

Company: Anne Marie and Stanley
Name: Anne Marie and Stanley Lowell
Address: 940 ch de La Prarie, Richibucto-Village, NB E4W 1H3
Phone: 506-524-9827
Fax: 506-524-9827
Affiliation: EcoCert
Description: Grower and wholesaler of fresh organic cranberries.

Company: Apple Bin
Address: 411 Route 616, Keswick Ridge, NB E6L 1S2
Phone: (506) 260-2498
Description: The Apple Bin is a joint venture by three local farms that offers a variety of organic foods. Open 10 am to 6 pm Monday through Saturday. Winter hours apply.

Company: Back Acre Farm
Name: Matthew Depow & Morgan McMahon
Address: 797 Main St. Woodstock, NB E7M 2E9
Phone: 506-259-0553
Description: We are offering a CSA to Fredericton and Woodstock for 2013. Starting mid-June and ending mid-November, members receive a weekly vegetable box for 20 weeks. All vegetables are grown completely free of chemicals and pesticides. The majority of our vegetables are planted with heirloom and open pollinated varieties of seed. From our woods we do various non-timber forest products. Contact us for more information.

Company: Bantry Bay Farm
Name: Mike Hadfield, Luke MacLean an McCord
Address: 59 Bantry Bay Farm Rd. Bayside, NB, E5B 2V8
Phone: 506-529-4576
Affiliation: OCIA
Description: Farm offers a CSA program

Company: Bayr Farm
Name: Barry Friesen
Address: 75 Hovey Road Williamstown, NB E7K 1J9
Phone: 506-276-4679
Affiliation: ACO
Description: farm crop –grains

Company: Big Sky Farm/True Food Organics
Name: Debbie Russell and David Cozac
Address: 789 Tripp Settlement Rd. Keswick Ridge, NB E6L 2Y4
Phone: 506-363-2845
Affiliation: OCIA
Description: Mixed vegetables, dry beans, garlic. Available at the Fredericton Farmers Market and at True Food Organics.

Company: Buckwheat Flats Natural Foods
Name: Tegan Wong-Daugherty / Yolande Clark
Address: 107 South Knowlesville Rd, Knowlesville, NB E7L 1B1
Phone: 506-375-8623
Description: Food buying group, box delivery program. Organic. Local, World.

Company: Bunker Hill Farm
Name: Jacquie and Richard Cleveland
Address: 364 Sunpoke Rd. Rusagonis, NB E3B 8X6
Phone: 506-357-3959,
Affiliation: ACO
Description: Mixed farm with certified organic vegetables, fruit, herbs, hay and grain. Delivery in Fredericton on Thursdays during the season. Looking for something? Call us at 357- 3959: tomatoes (many varieties), cucumbers (pickling and English), leafy greens (lettuce, chard, beet greens), summer and winter squash, beans (bush and pole), peas, cabbage, onions,spinach, rutabaga, broccoli, beets, carrots, plums and pumpkins. Our sugar Bush is under development for our own use presently but we expect limited commercial availability within 2 to 3 years. We also have Draft horses (Percheron, Belgian) and Donkeys to provide sleigh rides and wagon rides in season through our 300 acre woodlot with activities for all ages.

Company: Canadian Organic Maple Co. Ltd
Name: Sandra and Gus Hargrove
Address: PO Box 524 Bath, NB E7J 2N3
Phone: 506-278-5998
Fax: 506-278-3966
Affiliation: EcoCert
Description: Family owned & operated, producers of maple syrup, maple spread, and maple sugar. Certified with Ecocert (2013). We export all over the world and are looking for distributors. We also offer dark syrup specifically for maple cleanse customers. You can purchase all of our products online at

Company: Cardwell Farms Compost Product Inc.
Name: James Cunningham & Janice Pearson
Address: 12315 Route 114 Penobsquis, NB E4G 2X9
Phone: 506-433-4078
Fax: 506-433-1404
Affiliation: ACO
Description: We produce compost products, bark mulch and top soil

Company: Chef Carson’s Certified Organic Farm
Name: Carson & Nicole Edwards
Address: 589 route 475 Bouctouche Bay, NB E4S 4N9
Phone: 1-877-743-9893
Fax: 506-743-1984
Affiliation: ACO
Description: Certified organic gardens provide fresh, local food for this 100-mile restaurant. Beautiful rooms are also available to make this the perfect getaway!

Company: Chestnut Acres Ltd.
Name: Andrew & Jodi Giberson
Address: 744 Rte. 845 Kingston, NB E5N 1T7
Phone: 506-832-7605
Fax: 506-832-5518
Affiliation: ACO
Description: A wide variety of fresh vegetables and organic blueberries available at the Kingston Farmers Market. Spots available in Certified Organic CSA for 2013! 18-week-long share starting early June. Farm also offers a Fall Share for 10 weeks, from October to the end of December.

Company: David Bunnett Family Farm
Name: David and Sandra Bunnett
Address: 4663 Route 880 Havelock, NB E4Z 5L2
Phone: 506-534-2262
Fax: 506-534-2450
Affiliation: ACO
Description: Grass-fed beef, available by individual cuts or larger quantities. Pasture raised chicken and turkey (not certified), and Rye. Available at the Dieppe Market, Kingston Peninsula Farmers Market, and Sequoia Whole Foods.

Company: Diddley-Squash Farm / Earth Friendly Farm
Name: Susan and Jeff Linkletter
Address: 291 Scott Road Salisbury-West, NB E4J 3K4
Phone: 506-372-1085,
Affiliation: OCIA
Description: Mixed vegetables in season, sold fresh from farm gate, can be ordered in advanced and be made ready for pick-up at your convenience.

Company: DSGC Angus East
Name: Gerry Caissie and Diane Stackhouse
Address: 205 Austin Road Cambridge-Narrows, NB E4C 1N6
Phone: 506-488-2181
Fax: 506-488-2974
Affiliation: OCIA ACO
Description: Organic and grass fed Black and Red Angus beef, forage, small grains. Sells at health food stores

Company: Érablière Denis Côté
Name: Billy Côté
Address: 373 Route 180 East, P.O. Box 1221 Saint-Quentin, NB E8A 1A1
Phone: (506) 235-2701 / (506) 235-881
Fax: (506) 235-0090
Affiliation: EcoCert
Description: Certified Organic Maple Syrup (2013).

Company: Érablière Du Pont d’Or Ltée
Name: André Thériault
Address: 54 Pelletier St. Saint-Quentin, NB E8A 1Y2
Phone: (506) 235-3530
Fax: (506) 235-3530
Affiliation: EcoCert
Description: Certified Organic Maple Syrup (2013).

Company: Érablière Laplante et Fils Inc.
Name: Jean-Francois Laplante
Address:59 Valcourt Road Saint-Quentin, NB E8A 2B6
Phone: (506) 235-1085
Affiliation: EcoCert
Description: Certified Organic Maple Syrup.

Company: Érablière T.D.G. Somers Inc.
Name: Glenn Somers
Address: 154 Canada St. Saint-Quentin, NB E8A 1G7
Phone: (506) 235-8093
Fax:(506) 235-3640
Affiliation: EcoCert
Description: Certified Organic Maple Syrup

Company: Good Food Farm
Address: Penobsquis NB
Affiliation: Farm Crop
Description: Organic Certification For: Oats, beans, mixed vegetables, phacelia, coen chickling vetch, currants

Company: Good Spring Farm
Name: Karen and Brock Davidge
Address: 730 Route 616 Keswick Ridge, NB E6L 1T1
Phone: 506-260-2498 (K) 260-6610 (B)
Affiliation: OCIA
Description: Mixed vegetables (Basil, Beans, Beets, Brassicas on Demand, Carrots, Chives, Cucumbers, Fruit, Zucchini, Greenhouse lettuce, Herbs, Leeks, Lettuce outdoor, Melons, Mint, Peppers, Raspberries, Rhubarb, Salad Mix, Snow Peas, Spinach, Squash, Strawberries, Sugar Snap Peas, Tomatoes). Certified organic chicken and eggs and small fruits. Chicken Potatoes (CFIA Certified Seed Potato & Table Stock: All Blue, All Red, Banana, Belleisle, Caribe, Carola, Kennebec, Norland, Onaway, Pink Fir Apple, Rhine Red, Rose Gold, Yukon). Call ahead at farm gate, or Saturdays at Fredericton Farmers Market. Potato Seed (CFIA Certified Seed Potato & Table Stock: All Blue, All Red, Banana, Belleisle, Caribe, Carola, Kennebec, Norland, Onaway, Pink Fir Apple, Rhine Red, Rose Gold, Yukon)

Company: Guy Levesque Inc.
Name: Guy Levesque
Address: 25 des Pompiers St. Saint-Quentin, NB E8A 1M3
Phone: (506) 235-3107
Fax: (506) 235-3676
Affiliation: EcoCert
Description: Certified Organic Maple Syrup

Company: Happy Hopyard Inc
Address: Cornwall NB
Affiliation:Type of Operation: Farm Crop
Description: Organic Certification For: Hops

Company: Home Grown Farms
Name: Luther and Tracy Harrity
Address: 276 Plumweseep Cross Plumweseep, NB (Sussex), NB E4G 1X3
Description: We are excited to be launching our new Food Pack CSA program in the spring of 2012. Subscribers will receive a weekly food pack with fresh produce and have the option to add eggs, bread, jam/jelly, baked beans and other farm made goods. We are still accepting subscribers and weekly packs start at $25 each. For more information please see our website: In addition to our CSA program we will have our goods at various farmers markets, stores and restaurants. Our aim is to provide our clients with fresh in season vegetables and local food year round. If you’re interested in carrying some of our products, please contact us. Some of our products (based on seasonal availability): Fresh Vegetables, Fresh Eggs, Poultry, Baked Beans (Canned & Fresh), Bread (White, Whole Grain & Brown), Rolls (White, Whole Grain & Brown), Jam & Jelly (Strawberry, Raspberry & more), Fresh Noodles

Company: Hope Farm
Name: Reiner Zimmermann
Address: 1020 Lawson Road St. Norbert, NB E4S 2P1
Phone: 506-785-4441
Description: Year round CSA with mixed vegetables — with home delivery to Moncton, Riverview and Dieppe. Beef, goat, cheese (not organic) and Speerville products are also available for order. Also available at the Dieppe and Moncton Farmers Marketing and Sequoia Health Food Store. Farm also welcomes apprentices – contact Reiner for details. (Not Certified)

Company: HutLo Acres
Name: Mike Hutton and Essie Lom
Address: 366 East Knowlesville Road Knowlesville, NB E7L 1M4
Phone: 506-375-8520
Fax: 506-375-8520
Affiliation: ACO
Description: Apples, plums, potatoes, apple cider, apple cider vinegar, apple butter, applesauce, apple cider jelly, dried apple slices. Facebook page:

Company: Java Moose Coffee Roasters
Name: Glen McLean & Randy Pedersen
Address: 18 Everett Street Hampton, NB E5N 5A9
Phone: 506-634-0936
Fax: 506-634-7007

Company: Jemseg Community Garden Jemseg, NB
Company: Jemseg River Farms
Name: Michael Carr
Address: 262 Rte 715 Jemseg, NB E4C-3N4
Phone: 506-470-1906
Affiliation: ACO
Description: We are now signing people up for weekly vegetable box in the 2013 season.

Company: Jolly Farmer Products Inc Northampton NB
Affiliation: Type of Operation: Farm & Greenhouse Crop
Description: Organic Certification For: Field crops, forages, grains, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, sunflowers, sunflower oil,

Company: L’Erabliere Montagne Verte Inc
Name: Patrick and Chantel Levesque
Address: 1164 Power Rd., St-Joseph, NB E7B 2M5
Phone: 506-735-5062/737-3782
Fax: 506-739-8336
Affiliation: EcoCert
Description: Maple syrup

Company: Lavenhop Farms
Name: Jackie Jarvis and William Rowe 648 Bridge Drive Cambridge Narrows, NB E4C 1T4
Phone: c506-654-1376, c506-654-3349
Affiliation: ACO
Description: Producers of Hops, Lavender, Mixed Vegetables (peas, beans, squash, beets, pumpkins, tomatoes, potatoes, leeks), Garlic, Herbs and Sunflowers. We will be offering our products at the Kingston Market and on site, as well as restaurants.

Company: Le Fruit du Château inc. / Castleberry Co. Inc.
Address: 729 Gray Road Saint-Charles, NB E4W 4N4
Phone: (506) 876-4666
Fax: 506-523-1295
Affiliation: EcoCert
Description: Certified Organic Cranberries

Company: Les Entreprises Deux Milles Ltd.
Name: Lucien Charest
Address: 81, rte 265 Kedgwick River Kedgwick, NB
Phone: (506) 284-2651
Affiliation: EcoCert
Description: Certified Organic Maple Syrup and other Maple Products

Company: Les Jardins du Berceau
Name: Justin Gaudet
Address: 352 rue Centrale Memramcook, NB E4K 3S5
Phone: 506-874-2543
Description: The farm has been a family operated dairy farm for over 60 years and will be transitioned to CSA and grass finished beef project starting Spring 2013. Other long term plans include organic certification and setting up a large permaculture garden to to grow and preserve heirloom varieties of vegetables and livestock.

Company: Les Légumes à Daniel
Name: Daniel Boudreau
Address: 2457, Ste-Louise road Sainte-Rosette, NB
Phone: (506) 783-3828
Description: During the months of July, August and September a vegetable box will be provided once a week for those participating in this program. All the fruits and vegetables in this box are grown at the farm . The boxes will be available for pick up at the farm or at any of the drop off locations that will be set up in certain areas around the vicinity. When taking part in this program, you commit to receiving one box every week for the whole season. (Farm is not certified organic).

Company: Liptay Farms
Name: Mindy Liptay
Address: 4396 RTE 114 Lower Cape, NB E4H-3P5
Phone: 1-506-734-1101
Description: She runs a CSA – 20-25 shares

Company: M. Tomate
Name: Patrice and Lise Finnigan
Address: 11021 Rte Principale Rogersville, NB E4Y 2L7
Phone: 506-775-6042/775-6764/
Fax: CELL: 506-623-8193
Affiliation: EcoCert
Description: Tomatoes! Cucumbers! Come visit our nursery, garden centre, cafe and market. See Patrice here:

Company: Murray Bunnett Family Farm
Name: Murray Bunnett
Address: 118 Steeves Settlement Rd. Steeves Settlement, NB E4Z 2Y1
Phone: 506-756-8261
Fax: 506-756-2374
Affiliation: ACO
Description: Beef, wheat, oats, barley, hay and straw as well as seasonally available squash and pumpkin. All products available at the farm gate and Kingston Peninsula Farmers Market. Pork, chicken and eggs (not certified organic) also available.

Company: Nature’s Route Farm
Name: Kent and Ruth Coates
Address: 785 Rte 16 Point de Bute, NB E4L 2P1
Phone: 506-536-3562
Description: Weekly CSA drop-off or delivery of fresh vegetables and dried beans. Products are also available at Sackville and Dieppe Farmers Markets. Farm is not certified organic.

Company: Northampton Brewing Co.
Address: Richibucto NB
Affiliation:Type of Operation: Processor
Description: Organic Certification For: Beer

Company: Northumberland Dairy
Address: Miramichi NB
Affiliation: Type of Operation: Processor/Handler
Description Organic Certification For: organic milk

Company: Our Garden in Taymouth
Name: Peter deMarsh
Address: 12 Zionville Rd. Taymouth, NB E6C 1Y3
Phone: 506-367-2503 / 506-367-0896 (Peter),,
Affiliation: OCIA
Description: Mixed vegetables.

Company: Peaceful Mountain Organics
Name: Cathy Gionet-Fife & Bob Fife 28 Southwood Drive Quispamsis, NB E2E 4Y6
Phone: 506-636-3582
Fax: 506-650-8484 (cell)
Description: Peaceful Mountain Organics is currently undergoing the pre-certification process and expects to be fully certified organic in 2014. The Peaceful Mountain Organics Produce Packs brings the very best of our farm’s harvest to you. Every week from mid-June to the end of October (~20 weeks), we meet you at various pick up locations, with your produce. There are two share options available: Size 1 50$ per week. This is our large size and should be enough for a family of 4 to eat lots of vegetables every meal of the week. Size 2 $35 per week. This is our smaller pack, it includes three or four fewer produce items than the $50 packs. This size is best for singles and couples.

Company: Pomodori
Name: Keith Dunphy, Stephen Goddard MacPherson
Address: 83-F Hampton Rd. Rothesay, NB E2E 2K3
Phone: 506-847-9663,,

Company: Real Food Connections
Name: Levi Lawrence
Address: 880 Hanwell Rd. Unit 304 Fredericton, NB E3B 6A3
Phone: 506-440-5379
Description: Offering home delivery of local and local/organic product, cheese, meats and Picaroons beer.

Company: Ruhe Farms Inc.
Name: Lyné and Hendie Djikman
Address: 340 Collins Lake Road Shemogue, NB E4N 2M9
Phone: (506) 577-7843, 506-312-1479
Fax: (877) 227-2545
Affiliation: OCIA
Description: Certified Organic vegetables, and in a few years, berries of all kinds!

Company: S & G Blue
Name: Gerry Gallant
Address: 1159 ch-la-Prairie Richibucto-Village, NB E4W 1G6
Phone: 506-523-6578
Fax: 506-523-6578
Affiliation: OCIA
Description: Cranberries, blueberries.

Company: Sackville Farmers’ Market Sackville, NB
Phone: 506 536 4428
Description: Open year round Saturdays 8am – 12pm The Sackville Farmers Market is held every Saturday morning at the Bridge Street Café. The market features local baked goods, arts, crafts, plants and produce in-season. Live music, great coffee and a friendly atmosphere. During the summer, market-goers can enjoy the outdoor seating area surrounded by a wooden pergola and lush, hanging floral displays 8 Bridge Street. (Bridge St. Cafe)

Company: Sackville Farmers’ Market Sackville, NB
Phone: 506 536 4428
Description: Open year round Saturdays 8am – 12pm The Sackville Farmers Market is held every Saturday morning at the Bridge Street Café. The market features local baked goods, arts, crafts, plants and produce in-season. Live music, great coffee and a friendly atmosphere. During the summer, market-goers can enjoy the outdoor seating area surrounded by a wooden pergola and lush, hanging floral displays 8 Bridge Street. (Bridge St. Cafe)

Company: S.K. Export Inc.
Address: P.O. Box 833 7346, Road 17 Kedgwick, NB E8B 1A2
Phone: 1 506 284 2056
Fax: 1.506.284.2460
Affiliation: EcoCert
Description: Producer of Certified Organic Maple Syrup

Company: Shepherds Garden
Name: Ted & Louise Wiggans
Address: 149 Frog Lake Road Harvey, York Co., NB E6K 2E1
Phone: 506-366-3410
Affiliation: ACO
Description: Mixed vegetables and black currants. Available at Fredericton Farmers Market on Saturday mornings, and St Andrews Farmers Market on Thursdays. (Products: Arugula, Dried Beans, Green Beans, Yellow Beans, Green Cabbage, Collards, Jerusalem Artichokes, Green & Red Kale, Parsnips, Potatoes, Sugar Pie Pumpkin, Turnip Greens, Turnips, Zucchini)

Company: Shikatehawk Maple Farms ltd.
Name: Andrew Harvey
Address: 632 Divide Rd. Divide, NB
Phone: (506) 392-6168
Affiliation: EcoCert
Description: Certified Organic Maple Syrup. Also serves meals in a large new restaurant-type facility located near the trail.

Company: Slipp Farms 1784 Ltd.
Name: Larry Slipp
Address: 4910 Route 102 Central Hampstead, NB E5M 2A6
Phone: 506-488-8904
Fax: 506-488-8196
Affiliation: ACO
Description: Terrific local organic meats! Grass-fed, free range organic beef is available in various popular cuts. Organic chicken is also available in a variety of cuts. Chickens are fed 100% certified organic grain and are available frozen as whole or cuts (half, breasts, thighs, wings, legs). Certified organic turkey is also available in limited quantities by long-term request. Also available from Slipp Farms 1784 Ltd is high quality organic hay, pasture, garlic, and potatoes. Meats are sold in several local retail stores including Aura Whole Foods, Real Food Connections and True Food Organics (in Fredericton) or The Corn Crib and Sequoia (in Moncton). Customers are also welcome to call for custom delivery or pick-up arrangements.

Company: Speerville Flour Milling Co-operative Limited
Name: Tony and Todd Grant
Address: 152 Speerville Rd. Speerville, NB E7N 1S2
Phone: 1-506-277-6371
Fax: 506-277-1006,
Affiliation: ACO
Description: Pure Food… Naturally! Processor and distributor of Organic Stone Ground Whole Grain Foods -including Flours, Cereals, Pancake Mixes, Baking Mixes, Legumes, Dried Fruit, Pastas, Maple Syrup and Sugar, Nut Butters, Coffee, Herbal Teas, Baking and Sprouting Seeds, Home Made Mustards, Sea Salt, Oils and much more. No Additives, No Preservatives. Nutritious and Delicious. Try it for your health… Eat it for the flavour!

Company: Springbrook Cranberry Inc.
Name: Larry, Kathy, Rebekah, and Eli Nason
Address: 91 Rankine Rd. Tracy, NB E5L 1L3
Phone: 506-368-2342
Fax: 506-368-7202,
Affiliation: EcoCert
Description: Fresh & Frozen Organic Cranberries, Strawberries & Raspberries. Dried Organic Cranberries. We-pick & U-PICK. Pure organic cranberry juice and cranberry ambrosia (lightly sweetened juice)

Company: Strawberry Hill Farm
Name: Tim and Kirsten Livingstone
Address: 7 Strawberry Hill Road Pembroke, NB E7N 1S7
Phone: 506-325-2928
Affiliation: ACO
Description: Facebook Page: mixed vegetables, hay, raspberries, pasture

Company: Sucrerie Bossé
Name: Rheal Bosse
Address: Route 2 St-Jacques, NB
Phone: (506) 735-3817
Affiliation: EcoCert
Description: Certified Organic Maple Syrup and other delicious maple products.

Company: Sunshine Miles Farm
Name: Tammy & David Miles
Address: 249 Lower Durham Road Durham Bridge, NB E6C 1H3
Phone: 506-451-8406
Description: The cost is $30 per week. We do not charge at the beginning of the season. However, we ask that as a CSA customer, folks agree to purchase a basket from us each week of the growing season. All of our vegetables are grown completely free of chemicals and pesticides, but not certified organic.

Company: The Happy Hopyard
Name: Ashley Durdle & Bob Fitzgerald
Address: 70 Belmont rd. Saint John, NB E2M 6K1
Phone: 506-738-8775

Company: Villeneuve Family Farm
Name: Isaac Villeneuve
Address: 334 Royalton Rd. Royalton, NB E7K 2G9
Phone: 506-276-1015
Fax: 506-276-1015
Description: vegetables: carrots, potatoes, parsnips, cabbage, salad mixes, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, head and leaf lettuce, broccoli, brussell sprouts, kale, onions, beets, beet greens, radishes, garlic and more!

Company: Whaelghinbran Farm
Address: 2002 Cedar Camp Rd. South Branch, Kings Co., NB E4E 5E7
Phone: 506-433-3935
Fax: 506-432-9435
Affiliation: OCIA
Description: Mixed vegetables and herbs. Available in season at Kingston Farmers’ Market and various fine dining restaurants in southern New Brunswick.

Company: Windy Hill Farm
Name: Alyson Chisholm and William Pedersen
Address: 5054 Route 115 McKee’s Mills, NB E4V 2V5
Phone: 506-525-1128
Affiliation: ACO
Description: We are organic farmers and sell a wide variety of vegetables and fruits from the farm gate and also at the Dieppe and Sackville farmers markets. We are also starting a CSA program this year. We will have CSA pick-up locations in Cocagne, Bouctouche, McKees Mills, Moncton and Dieppe. We grow organically but are not yet certified. We are in the process of completing an application for certification with ACO.


Organic food store

Company: Au Grain De Ble
Address: 3588 Rue Principale Tracadie-Sheila, NB E1X 1C9
Phone: 506-395-9521
Fax: 506-395-9520
Description: Health food store.

Company: Aura Whole Foods
Name: Sue Madigan and Ralph Miles
Address: 199 Westmorland St. Fredericton, NB E3B 3L6
Phone: 506-454-4240
Fax: 506-455-3982
Description: Aura Whole Foods is Fredericton’s full service natural whole foods market. We have a wide range of products including fresh organic and local produce, local organic meat, vegan- friendly options, a large gluten-free section, natural cosmetics and household cleaners and a variety of natural health supplements. Parking is available in front of the store and at the church across the street. Come on in and say Hello!

Company: Cackling Goose
Name: Amanda Feindel
Address: 38 York St. Sackville, NB E4L 4R4
Phone: 506-536-2303
Description:Health food store with organic products.

Company: Corn Crib Natural Foods Ltd.
Name: Charline LeBlanc
Address: 337 Mountain Rd Moncton, NB E1C 2M5
Phone: 506-854-2941,
Description: Health food store. Reputation of over 35 years strong and has been organic from the start! We are the largest, independent, local, family owned natural food store in the area and we have been proudly helping our community improve their health for over 50 years. Our extensive selection includes a very large bulk food section, natural cosmetics, cleaning supplies, gluten-free foods, supplements, certified organic produce and meats, fresh baked breads, healthy snacks and more! If you have a question or you’d like some healthy advice, email We look forward to meeting you soon!

Company: Country Market Ry
Address: 23 Main St St George, NB
Phone: 506-755-3316
Description: Health food store.

Company:Dolma Food
Name:Hossein Barar
Address:251 St George St, Unit 1 Moncton, NB
Postal Code: E1C-9Z2
Phone: 506-852-3663/856-0055
Fax: 506-852-3664
Description: A local food grocery store with organic and imported products.

Company: Nature’s Best Products
Name:George and Diana Richardson
Address:2 Fisherman’s LaneSaint John, NBE2M 3G9
Description: Health food and supplements, all-natural skin and hair care, biodegradable household cleaners. Nutritional consulting and wellness talks.

Company: Sequoia Whole Foods and Natural Products
Name: Becky MacCallum
Address: 114 Highfield St. Moncton, NB E1C 5W2
Phone: 506-386-8518

Company: Winterwood Natural Food Store
Name: Tressa Leaman
Address: 51 Broad St Sussex, NB E4E 2J7
Phone: 506-433-4195/4885
Description: Health food store with local and organic products. Open 9:30-5:30 (Monday-Saturday) and Fridays until 7pm.

Company: True Food Organics
Name: Debbie Russell and David Cozac
Address: 207 Charlotte St. Fredericton, NB E3B 1L5
Phone: 506-459-4333
Description: Health food store.


Organic Markets

Company: Bathurst City Farmers Market
Address: 100 Monroe St. Bathurst, NB
Phone: 506-544-5259
Description: Saturdays 9am-1pm. Rich in multiculturalism in both food and language, bustling with activity – this is the City Farmers Market in downtown Bathurst. Enjoy the ambiance and fun with customers streaming through the market as a reminder of the old W. J. Kent’s store of yesteryear. There are meats, fresh local produce, crafts to buy, and friends to meet. The City Farmers Market is the place to be on Saturday morning… where people gather to shop and engage in a bit of local news.

Company: Bouctouche Farmers’ Market
Address: 9 Irving Blvd. Bouctouche, NB
Phone: 506-743-2409
Description: June – September; Saturdays, 8am – 1pm. Local products, including, but not limited to: produce, meats and poultry, baked goods, crafts and handmade wood carvings and canteen on-site.

Company: Dieppe Market
Name: John Gallant
Address: Dieppe, NB
Phone: 506 382 5750
Description: Open year round Saturdays, 7am – 1:30pm A market where the communities of Dieppe and Moncton meet to buy the best produce from farms in southeastern New Brunswick, as well as baked goods and local arts and crafts. Route 15, airport exit, or at Paul St.

Company: Dorchester Village Market
Address: 4955 Main St. Dorchester, NB
Phone: 506 379 3017
Description: Open year round. Located in the hills at the confluence of the Petitcodiac and Memramcook rivers, on the Bay of Fundy in Shepody Bay. The village market hosts a variety of products and artisan craftwork. Here you can see hand spinning – full-size hand loom work – purchase 100% pure hand-dipped beeswax candles or enjoy organic fair-trade dark chocolate – all in a unique building soon to be renovated for renewable energy systems. Formerly St. Edwards Catholic Church, it is now our Community Centre.

Company: Grand Falls Farmers’ Market
Address: 68 Madawaska Road, Suite 200 Grand Falls / Grand-Sault, NB
Phone: 506 475 7743
Description: June 1 – October 31. Saturdays, 8:30am – 2pm. Farmers market situated across from the Grand Falls Gorge featuring seasonal farm fresh produce, baked breads, pies, rolls, homemade jams, jellies, pickles and preserves as well as arts and crafts items.

Company: Grand Manan Farmers’ Market
Address:128 Rte 776, North Head Grand Manan, NB
Phone: 506 662 3477
Description: June 21 – Sept 13. Saturdays, 10am – noon. Fresh vegetables in season, herbs, cut flowers, perennial plants, homemade bread, pickles, fudge, pies, lots of crafts, knitting, needlework, candles, soap, leather goods, photography and hot coffee. Route 776, one KM from the ferry landing

Company: Jemseg Farmers’ Market
Address: Route 20 Jemseg, NB
Phone: 506 488 3333
Description: June 28 – Sept 3. (also Oct 4 and Dec 6) Saturdays 8am – 12pm. Farm-fresh produce, meat, baked goods, crafts, bedding plants and antiques. route 20, exit 339, turn left, then right on route 695, to Jemseg Lion’s Hall

Company: Kingston Farmers’ Market Cooperative Kingston (peninsula), NB
Phone: 506 763 3490
Description: April 26 – November 15 Saturdays 8am – 2pm The Kingston Farmers Market is located on the picturesque Kingston Peninsula. It is a hub of activity with over 70 vendors of various agricultural, food and artisan products. This market has become famous over the years for its large, wholesome breakfasts, which are served in the recently expanded dining room. Between 400 and 600 people are served each Saturday. The market is also a favourite meeting place for area residents and tourists alike. You will be welcome to drop by and enjoy a coffee as you browse and chat with local vendors, both inside the market building or outside in the courtyard, under the canopy. intersection of route 845 and Market Lane, just below Kingston Corner

Company: Kouchibouguac Farmers’ Market
Address: 119 Riverside Rd Kouchibouguac, NB
Phone: 506 876 4377
Description: June 28 – Sept 3 Saturdays 8am – 12pm Produce, bedding plants, cut flowers, quilts, woodworking and home baking Kouchibouguac community centre

Company: Marche Moncton Market
Name: Doug Lewis
Address: Moncton, NB
Phone: 506 387 7910
Fax: 506 859 2629
Description: Open year round Saturdays 7am – 2pm Baking, fresh fish, fresh farm produce, crafts, meat and eggs. Downtown Moncton

Company: Newcastle Farmers’ Market
Address: Miramichi, NB
Phone: 506 622 0483
Description: open year round Fridays, 10am – 2pm Meals to eat in or out, beautiful handmade gifts, fresh produce, seafood, cuts of meat, home baking, desserts, jewellery, clothing and much more Corner of King George Highway and Radio Street

Company: Perth-Andover Farmers’ Market
Address: Perth-Andover, NB
Phone: 506 273 2014
Description: June to September Saturdays, 9am to noon Fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, crafts, sewing, woodworking and home cooking. Ethnic food booths, antiques and collectibles. Weekly live entertainment. Route 2, Exit 115, to Route 190

Company: Petit-Roucher Farmers’ Market
Address: Petit-Roucher, NB
Phone: 506 783 7483
Description: open year round Saturdays, 9am – 1pm Every Saturday morning, breakfast is served with live entertainment. Various items such as crafts, soaps, pastries, homemade breads, smoked meats, Italian sausages, donairs, caramel and maple syrup and hand-made furniture. Principale Street, Across from the church

Company: St Martins Farmers Market
Address: St Martins, NB
Phone: 506-833-2327
Description: Sundays at the Legion Hall, 12:00-3:30pm

Company: St. Andrews Farmers’ Market
Address: St. Andrews, NB
Phone: 506 529 3067
Description: May 29 – Sept 10 Thursdays, 8:30am – 1pm Items sold are fresh produce, fruit in season, preserves, home baking, crafts, including woodworking, knitted and quilted goods, baskets, ethnic foods, plants and cut flowers. Special markets will be held on Canada Day and New Brunswick Day Market Square, corner of King and Water st. at the base of town wharf

Company: Sussex Farmers’ Market
Address: Maple Avenue Sussex, NB
Phone: 506 433 6490
Description: May 2 – Nov 14 Friday 2pm – 8pm

Company: The Original Peninsula Farmers’ Market
Address: 863 Route 845 Kingston, NB
Phone: 506 832 7323
Description: May 1 – Dec 1 Saturdays, 7am – 12pm Kingston Community Hall

Company: the Water Street Farmers’ Market
Address: 1 Ellis St. Miramichi, NB
Phone: 506 773 7709
Description: Jan 20 – Dec 20. Saturdays, 9am – 1pm. The Water Street Farmers Market is a small-town farmers market located in the former town of Chatham, now part of the city of Miramichi, characterized by its warmth and hospitality. The market showcases a variety of quality, handcrafted wares that are made locally. Vendors bring goods such as knitting, crochet, woodworking and toll-painting, pottery, handmade soap and bath products, needlepoint, fine stitchery and quilts. There are also a number of food vendors including an on-site kitchen which offers a hearty home-cooked breakfast menu. A variety of baked goods and specialty desserts, canned and pickled fruits and vegetables, locally produced organic meats and poultry, in-season produce and bedding plants can be found on any given Saturday. Pioneer Senior Complex.

Company: Tracadie-Sheila Market
Address: Tracadie-Sheila, NB
Phone:506 394 4133
Description: open year round Saturdays, 8am – 12pm

Company: W.W. Boyce Farmers’ Market
Address: Fredericton, NB
Phone: 506 451 1815
Fax: 506 455 6451
Description: open year round Saturdays, 6am – 1pm The market is a cornucopia of meats, vegetables, baking, maple products and ethnic foods. A treasure-trove of arts, crafts and flowers. Some of the farmers, artists, artisans and enthusiastic entrepreneurs are as interesting as their wares. Some of the people who frequent the market are more interesting than everything else combined. The W. W. Boyce Farmers Market has been recognized nationally in both the Globe and Mail newspaper and Harrowsmith magazine as one of the best farmers markets in Canada between Regent and St. John streets and between Brunswick and George streets

Company: Woodstock Farmers’ Market
Address: Woodstock, NB
Phone: 506 325 1816
Fax: 506 325 1094
Description: Open Year Round. Monday to Thursday and Saturday: 10am – 4pm. Friday: 8am – 4pm. This scenic location, where the Meduxnekeag River joins the St. John River, is an ideal spot for the Farm Market. You will find dozens of local vendors offering vegetables, herbs, fruit, flowers, plants, eggs, home baking and crafts. 220 King St. route 2, exit 188, to end of Houlton St. Turn left onto Main St. Turn right onto King St.


Organic Resto

Company: Café Lotus Bleu
Address: 52 chemin Canada Edmundston, NB E3V 1V3
Phone: 506-739-8259
Description: Seul et unique café-lounge (et resto végétarien) avec thés et cafés équitables, biologiques et exotiques à l’est du Canada!! Interne sans fil, journaux et BD à disposition! Décor éclectique, écologique, ambiance décontractée, musique du monde et musique de not’ monde, chaleur et soleil garantis! Au menu, plats internationaux, meilleurs thés, meilleurs café et…petites douceurs sucrées et salées. Avec Louise, Estelle et toute l’équipe “lotusienne”, venez changer le monde, une tasse à la fois! Nos produits sont BIO et locaux autant que possible, et EQUITABLES!

Company: Chef Carson’s Certified Organic Farm
Name: Carson & Nicole Edwards
Address: 589 route 475 Bouctouche Bay, NB E4S 4N9
Phone: 1-877-743-9893
Fax: 506-743-1984
Affiliation: ACO
Description: Certified organic gardens provide fresh, local food for this 100-mile restaurant. Beautiful rooms are also available to make this the perfect getaway!

Company: Nirvana Wellness Centre                                                                                         Name: Jonas Colter
Address: 207 King Street Fredericton, NB E3B 1E1
Phone: 506-458-9642
Description: Nirvana is a warm and welcoming resto juice bar and yoga studio in the heart of Fredericton, New Brunswick. Our goal is to serve nutritious and delicious raw and cooked foods, as well as provide a serene and spacious studio to practice yoga. Nirvana features a certified organic vegetarian menu that changes daily. Nirvana supports sustainable farming practices by using certified organic grains, spices, fruits and vegetables. The water served at Nirvana and used in food preparation is purified using a state-of-the-art PureLux Reverse Osmosis System. Our passion for food and yoga also extends to a strong passion for the health of our planet. Nirvana’s green renovating, decorating, and cleaning choices include: low VOC paints on the walls, recycled paper products, FSC certified bamboo flooring, Moen Eco faucets, Eco-House Stains, Eco-Plush Furniture, Himalayan Salt Crystals, and earth friendly cleaning products.

Company: Rossmount Inn
Name: Chef Chris Aerni & Graziella
Address: P.O. Box 3911 St. Andrews, NB E5B 357
Phone: 506-529-3351
Fax: 506-529-1920
Description: Inn and restaurant that serves local, seasonal and organic products.


Organic Corporation

Company: Co-op Atlantic
Name: Brian Ingles
Address: 123 Halifax Street, Box 750 Moncton, NB E1C 8N5
Phone: 506-858-6300
Fax: 506-858-6379

Company: Co-op Atlantic/NB Seed Growers’ Coop
Name: Brian Antworth
Address: 19 Coop Road Hartland, NB E7P 2G4
Phone: 506-375-4466
Fax: 506-375-4714
Description: Feed grains and grain processing

Company: Community Forests International / Whaelghinbran Farm
Name: Jeff Schnurr
Address: 10 School Lane Sackville, NB E4L 3J9
Phone: 506-536-3738
Affiliation: OCIA
Description: Community Forests International is a volunteer-driven organization, working to connect people and their communities to the forests that sustain them. As the pace of environmental degradation intensifies around the world, the need for positive environmental stewardship and a restored balance between humanity and nature has become a necessity. CFI has purchased Whaelghinbran Farm and is in the midst of beginning a new organic farming season (2012). For more information about the farm and it’s products and CSA, see:

Company: Crosby Molasses Co. Ltd.
Name:Peter Rogers
Address: 327 Rothesay Avenue, PO Box 2240 Saint John, NB E2L 3V4
Phone: 506-632-8504
Fax: 506-634-1724
Affiliation: ProCert
Description: Processor for Lantic sugar – pack organic sugar in consumer ready packages.

Company: Down East Coffee Roasters
Name: M.-Germaine Montague
Address: 3935 Rt. 115 Notre-Dame-De-Kent, NB E4V2G1
Phone: 1-888-224-2233
Fax: 506-576-6616
Description: Roasting and blending organic, estate and other extraordinary coffees for wholesale, retail and mail-order. You can also find our coffee products at the Notre Dame roasting house!

Company:Jardin biologique Amarosia Ltée / Amarosia Organic Garden Ltd.
Name:David Méthot
Address:469 Route 530
City, Province:Grand-Digue, NB
Postal Code:E4R 5E1

Description: Wide variety of vegetables available mainly through our farm share program (CSA) and a selection is also available at select retailers. Our farm share baskets only contain certified organic produce grown on our farm. A wide variety of seedlings, including heritage tomato varieties, are available in spring for the avid gardener. Please visit our website for more information.

Company: Jardin commuanutaire de la Terre Haute
Address:Université de Moncton
City, Province: Moncton, NB

Description: Oh Yes…people love the garden…it all culminates with a big community pic nic with live music and home made food !! And the participants are learning lots from each other as far as gardening practices go…organic of course!

Company:Low Tech Organic Farm /Organic Landscape Consulting
Name:Mr Richard & Alyson Wetmore
Address:1968 Route 165
City, Province:Lower Woodstock, NB
Postal Code:E7M 4L1

Description:New community garden for 2010 with an experienced organic farmer leading the way!

Company:Memramcook Community Garden
Address:432 Centrale St. (Next to Abbey-Landry school)
City, Province: Memramcook, NB

Description: Guy Gautreau, Village of Memramcook 506-758-4105 (w) ; 506-758-0013 (h) Gemma Fiset-Cookshaw, Summer 2008 Garden Coordinator 506-758-4002 (w)

Company:Natural Grown Food CSA
Name:Kelly Taylor
Address:32 Miller Ave
City, Province:Salisbury, NB
Postal Code:E4J 2N1

Description:Natural Grown Food offers CSA members a box of fresh, local, organically grown produce beginning mid July and running until October. Boxes can be picked up at the farm on Tuesdays between 3 and 7 pm. Full shares are $300 for the season. Half and Quarter shares are also available. Visit our website for more information or to sign up for your 2012 season share at

Company: Northampton Brewing Co. Ltd
Name: Sean Dunbar
Address: 66 Parker Rd.
City, Province: Northampton, NB
Postal Code: E7N 1A9
Phone: 506-457-9082
Fax: 506-457-7091,
Affiliation: ACO

Description: Picaroons organic beer: Dooryard Summer Ale and Dark and Stormy Night. Products can be purchased at all Alcool NB Liquor outlets and most bars and restaurants in NB.

Company: Northumberland Cooperative Ltd.
Name:Judy MacDonald
Address:256 Lawlor Lane, PO Box 130
City, Province:Miramichi, NB
Postal Code:E1V 3M3
Fax:506-622-1767                                                                  Website:                                                                              Affiliation:ACO
Description:Organic milk available in New Brunswick grocery outlets.

Company: Sackville Community Garden
Address:Charles Street (just past the train tracks)
City, Province:Sackville, NB

Company: Speerville Flour Milling Co-operative Limited
Name:Tony and Todd Grant
Address:152 Speerville Rd.
City, Province:Speerville, NB
Postal Code:E7N 1S2
Phone:1-506-277-6371 Fax:506-277-1006,
Affiliation: ACO

Description:Pure Food… Naturally! Processor and distributor of Organic Stone Ground Whole Grain Foods -including Flours, Cereals, Pancake Mixes, Baking Mixes, Legumes, Dried Fruit, Pastas, Maple Syrup and Sugar, Nut Butters, Coffee, Herbal Teas, Baking and Sprouting Seeds, Home Made Mustards, Sea Salt, Oils and much more. No Additives, No Preservatives. Nutritious and Delicious. Try it for your health… Eat it for the flavour!

Company: St. Andrews Community Garden
City, Province: St. Andrews, NB
Phone:506 529 4663

Company: St. John Community Garden
City, Province: St. John, NB

Description: The Greater Saint John Area Community Garden (G.S.J.C.G.) is a volunteer project working with the Recreation and Parks Department of the City of Saint John. It was established to provide an opportunity for citizens to have a place to garden. The Community Garden is located on the former site of the Rockwood Elementary School. The Garden initially consists of over 100 small plots, on which citizens will be able to grow a variety of vegetables and flowers. The plots are open to residents of Saint John, and are distributed on a first come basis. Citizens who have plots are required to abide by rules of the Garden, and pay a nominal fee of $15. The G.S.J.C.G. committee consists of citizens who are volunteering their services to help create community gardens. These gardens have been proven to be a great benefit in communities where they have been established.


Not Certified Organic

Eco-logic Certification-Product, No Hormones & No Antibiotics

La Ferme Springbrook Farm
444 Springbrook Road, E4W 5P9,
South Branch, NB
(506) 523-6432
Contact : Jennifer Hudson;
La Ferme Springbrook Farm raises Eko-Logic certified chicken, lamb, beef and pork. Our animals are raised with grass and sunshine, and without hormones, antibiotics or animal by- products. Our business is growing and we need someone with vision to grow with us. We offer a great fun filled work atmosphere with plenty of opportunity to learn. Springbrook Farm specializes in pasture-raised chicken, apple-finished pork, lamb, beef, turkey and fresh eggs. None of our products contain any traces of added hormones, antibiotics 
or other drugs. In addition to making a healthier food choice, you are also supporting the 
local farmer and economy.

Our products are available at the farm Fridays from 9:00am to 1:30pm only, for reserved local orders. All other reserved orders can be picked up at the Dieppe Market Friday from 1-6pm, Saturday from 7am to 1:30pm. We take reservations for same week turn around until Wednesday 9am each week.

Products from Springbrook Farm are also sold at Dolma Food and Sequoia Whole Foods in Moncton. The Delta Beauséjour Hotel and the Green House on Main in Shediac also serve products from Springbrook Farm. Starting June 11, Real Food Connections in Fredericton will sell their products. Local schools serve Springbrook Farm meats on their menu : École communautaire entrepreneuriale Blanche-Bourgeois in Cocagne, École Calixte-F.-Savoie in St-Anne de Kent, École Grande-Digue, École Notre-Dame, École St-Paul, Bonar Law Memorial High School and Eleanor W. Graham Middle School in Rexton

We Accept

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